Call for nominations 2019: 

The Gunnerus Award in Sustainability Science

The Gunnerus Award in Sustainability Science is conferred by the Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters (DKNVS) and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).
The Award winner receives NOK 1 million.

DKNVS and NTNU invite nominations from scientific academies, research institutions and universities to ensure a balanced invitation of natural, social, technological and human sciences. Nominations will only be eligible when submitted by full professors with permanent positions at recognized universities or senior researchers at research institutes. Self-nominations are not accepted.


Candidate requirements

The award honors outstanding scientific work promoting global sustainable development. The aim is to contribute to the strengthening of research and advancing the achievement of the scientific evidence base within the interdisciplinary Sustainability Science.

The field of sustainability science advances our scientific understanding of the dynamics of human-environmental systems. Sustainability science is therefore a synthesis, integration and awareness of different scientific disciplines that recognizes the interaction between natural and human systems, and can aid in the transition to sustainable systems.

The Gunnerus Award in Sustainability Science will be presented to a scholar who has made outstanding contribution to sustainability science within the fields of the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, or technological sciences, either through interdisciplinary work or through work within one of these fields.

Candidates who have shown that their scientific results have been translated into active policy and applied into expedient management systems, will be prioritized. The candidate must be of exceptional scientific quality assessed by published work and scientific impact. The candidate’s accomplishment should contribute to a richness of social benefit to humanity within the framework of sustainability, and contribute to changing perceptions or methodologies within the field of sustainability science.

The 2019 Gunnerus Award in Sustainability Science will be given to one scientist, or in the case of closely related fundamental scientific contributions, may be shared between two scientists.


The conferring institutions and Johan Ernst Gunnerus

The international Gunnerus Sustainability Science Award is a collaboration between the Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters – Norway’s oldest scientific institution and the original founder of the prize, and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology – Norway’s largest university, represented by NTNUs strategic research area – sustainability (NTNU Sustainability). The prize is awarded every two years.

The founding father of DKNVS was bishop Johan Ernst Gunnerus (1718-1773) who became Norway’s first internationally acclaimed naturalist. His legacy is still very much felt in Norway and Trondheim today, the city from which he led the Society. Thus, the Award is named in his honor, as the Gunnerus Award in Sustainability Science.

The Gunnerus Award symbol is based on a meadow buttercup from 1767 in Johan Ernst Gunnerus’ herbarium.

Scientific Committee

A Scientific Committee of five members from the Nordic countries is established to evaluate the nominations. The chair is Norwegian. The Scientific Committee itself may nominate candidates for the prize. The Committee ranks the premier three candidates. The board of DKNVS and an expert group on sustainability from NTNU, appointed by the Rector, thereafter select the award winner in a joint meeting.


The Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters