Members of the board from 1 January 2020


Elected members

President: May Thorseth, professor NTNU

Vice President: Asta Kristine Håberg, professor SFI / CIUS Leader NTNU.
Leader, humanities class: Øystein Ekroll, researcher / archaeologist Nidaros Cathedral
Leader, nature-science class: Jostein Grepstad, professor NTNU

Appointed members

Appointed by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology: Dean of the Faculty of Education, Anne Kristine Børresen
Appointed by the Ministry of Education and Research: CEO of the Trondheim Business Association, Berit Rian
Appointed by the NTNU University Museum: Director of the NTNU University Museum, Reidar Andersen


For Jostein Grepstad: Elisabeth Darj, NTNU
For Øystein Ekroll: Aud Mikkelsen Tretvik, NTNU
For Anne Kristine Børresen: Øyvind Weiby Gregersen, NTNU
For Berit Rian: Vigdis Harsvik, Innovation Norway
For Reidar Andersen: Solveig Bakken, NTNU University Museum


Preses i DKNVS, professor May Thorseth

Professor May Thorseth is elected president from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2022. Photo: Thor Nielsen/DKNVS: 

The board: From left: deputy Øyvind Weiby Gregersen, Vice-President Asta Kristine Håberg, board member Berit Rian, President May Thorseth, board member Reidar Andersen, board member Jostein Grepstad (leader nature-science class), board member Øystein Ekroll (leader humanities class). 

Foto: Thor Nielsen/DKNVS