Academy meetings 

Academy meetings are free and open to the public. Presentations are given by Academy members and invited guests, and lasts for a total of approx. 1-1,5 hours. After each presentation there is a Q & A session. Mingling and light food after presentations.

Time and place: 19:00 (7 PM) in Elvegata 17, Trondheim.

See presentations from previous Academy meetings.

2019 events

  • Academy meeting January 14. Diploma event.
  • Academy meeting February 11
  • The Gunnerus Lectures March 7
  • Annual meeting March 8 (by invitation only)
  • Academy meeting April 29.
From left: Soilikki Vettenranta (photo: NTNU), Bernard Bingen (photo: NGU), Lars M. Rimol (photo: NTNU)
Three short lectures in just over an hour:

Mandag 11. februar 2019


Soilikki Vettenranta, NTNU


“In the wake of the social media and President Trump’s entry into the political arena, new concepts have emerged: false news, trolling and “alternative facts”. In this post-factual time, it is timely to point out that neither false news nor twist of truth is new. Disinformation and hate speech have always been part of modern warfare. Today, several countries have “trolling factories” where digitally competent people spread politically misleading and false messages on Twitter and Facebook. The best known trolling factory is located in St. Petersburg, Russia. But, not only Russia and the US are involved in trolling. In the United Kingdom, a batallion carries out secret information and propaganda tasks in social media.”

Soilikki Vettenranta is professor emerita at NTNU and will tell more about this interesting and relevant topic.


Also presentations by:

Lars Morten Rimol, NTNU: Circulation and imaging

Bernard Bingen, NGU: Geological survey